Danbys Whitening Booster


Danbys Whitening Booster is formulated for quick & safe whitening effects on skin. Leaves facial hair golden brown & lightens the face tone by icreasing oxygen flow on skin and reducing melanin production. Can be used by both man & women.

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How to Use:

1 spoon of Danbys whitening Powder, 2 spoon of Danbys Whitening Booster,1/4 spoon of Danby soothing lotion. Few drops of Danbys skin shiner. Mix well in non metallic bowl and apply on face for 10-15 minutes then wash off.

For best Results, Only use with Danbys Whitening Powder.


Spray Danbys Aloe Vera face freshener before and after application for skin protection and moisturizing effects.

Manufactured By: Danbys Skincare International

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500 ML, 75 ML


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